In search of newly released books

I went to the B.Dalton/B&N at Union Station today, looking for books that were supposed to be released into the wild today.  Specifically, I was looking for:

  • Ann Aguirre’s Doubleblind
  • Ilona Andrews’ On the Edge
  • Gail Carriger’s Soulless

I wanted paper copies rather than e-versions because I began the series in paper. 

Did I find anyone of them in the bookstore?  Nope.  It wasn’t that they were in stock but just not shelved, they were not stocked at all.  (I checked with the staff.  When it comes to books, I have no qualms about pestering the staff at bookstores to get unshelved books from the stockroom.) 

I get that this is a store that makes its money on travelers, thus it relies on on big name authors and "sure thing" sellers, but it still surprised me that none of these were available.  Ward’s Covet was in stock, but I left without buying anything.  On a release day!

Ultimately I bought and downloaded electronic versions of the first two books.  And I’m enjoying Doubleblind  so far 🙂

Was tempted by a Christmas anthology with Mary Balogh as the headliner and Courtney Milan’s debut novella, but ultimately didn’t buy.  Have bought too many "new" anthologies only to find out that the stories were recycled.



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3 responses to “In search of newly released books

  1. Anonymous

    OY on those RECYCLED anthology stories! I hate those evil publishers who do that. . . I need my Xmas Sap but am scared of those things now.

  2. Anonymous

    that was me, Kate

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