SBD and other stuff

I’m posting from iPhigenia, so this SBD will be brief.

Read the m/m anthology Serving Love on the beach…or part of it. One story I’d already read as an ebook. One was DNF. The third (actually the first in the book) was not too bad, other than the fact that credible threats to one of the heroes were never actually resolved.

The set up was that a federal judge received threats, prompting protection. And there were several potential sources for the threats, including POV info from Bad Guys and an actual attempt on his life by a crime family. The big take down scene was…lame as hell. And the story just stopped, leaving threats from the crime family unresolved and unaddressed. Because Tru Luv was all that mattered.

What’s up with that?

Okay, a red herring or two is fine. But having one of them actually attempt to kill/kidnap the hero and then never catch/charge them makes me question the hero’s safety and the reliability of the HEA since someone out there still wants him dead and is not shy about taking action.

Also, did the author do any research on the appointment and/or involuntary removal of federal judges?


•I think I’m about to get the Blue Screen of Death from my laptop.

• The Goofy Cat got out today. It wasn’t as much fun as she expected, apparently, because she wanted back inside immediately.

• I want to live at the beach. But first I need to find a job there.

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5 responses to “SBD and other stuff

  1. Anonymous

    I think you should go live at the beach and load up lots of pictures of the surf and sand on your blog so we can writhe in envy at all the fun you’re having.
    Kate R.

  2. Blue screen of death? I hope you backed stuff up. I seem to kill a laptop a year or something. Ug. Pain in the butt.

    • I hadn’t backed up in a while…so the first thing I did when the laptop finally booted properly was back up everything. We’ll see; I’m hoping the problem was just the upgrade to iTunes and Adobe, etc., the last time I used it.

  3. Anonymous

    Spare rooms at the beach house are a must!
    Poor Goofy Cat, I hope the real world isn’t that scary.

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