Austin’s batfest

Chicken-fried bacon. Really? The salty, fatty goodness of bacon needs more?

(Jose) jalapeño sausage on a steek. (channeling Jeff Dunham.) More phallic food.

A lot of tie dye among the vendors’ wares.

The bats streaming from beneath the bridge were amazing. It began as a trickle from the southeast end, then grew to a steady stream that seemed to last about twenty minutes. Smaller streams emerged from the middle and north end. (I have no idea what was going on on the west side of the bridge.). As they flew off, they looked like ribbons waving in the air, or swarms of bees.

Music was good, esp The Gourds.

Being a photo failure, I forgot my camera and have no bat pics. And iPhigenia’s battery died, so no phone camera pics 😦

Now to Houston…and Japaneiro’s.

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4 responses to “Austin’s batfest

    Saw that and thought you might be interested. Wish I lived closer because they have good cupcakes!

  2. Hey, I’ve been to Austin, though I’ve never seen a batfest. ;D I found a review on your livejournal on “Silent in the Grave”, and liked it a lot… Is it OK that I’ve friend-ed you? Please say yes. 🙂

    • Hi, lexlingua.
      The batfest was just a street festival on the Congress Street bridge, interrupted at dusk for everyone to watch the bats come out for the evening. It was a lot fun — very hot, though, until a quick storm blew in just before dusk and cooled us down.
      Friending is fine 🙂
      Have you read Raybourn’s Silent books? I enjoyed the first two but haven’t gotten around to reading the third. Am wishy-washy about the change in the cover art as well.

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