Tweeted thoughts on Brockmann’s Hot Pursuit

After reading Brockmann’s Dark of Night back in February, I said that I would not be buying Hot Pursuit when it was released, because I wasn’t interested in reading more San & Alyssa, and also because I just didn’t care anymore.  Frankly, my attention span is not that vast, and the TSI series has held it remarkably, but the last few books haven’t really suited me.  I wasn’t abandoning Brockmann or mad about where she was going as a writer, just not interested in following any longer. 

Fast forward to July.  After attending Brockmann’s chat/workshop, I felt intrigued about Hot Pursuit.  Plus, I had a gift certificate for Books on Board, so I downloaded it for MMP price rather than hardback price (cost matters).

Am not entirely certain how this book is being labeled, marketed and shelved.  Brockmann’s website makes it clear that this is a Trouble Shooters book but not a straight romance.  There is a romance subplot, but the main story is suspense.  The bookflap blurb is fairly clear about the suspense, so I had no expectations on that front; in fact, I was a bit surprised by its appearance and by its hero.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been:  SB tends to torture her romance heroes, and Gillman has been getting gradually more page space.

Over two evenings in late July, I twittered as I read, fully intending to write a post about the book.  I haven’t managed to get that done, but here are the tweets.

First evening:

Abandoned GotH, on to Hot Pursuit. 1st: TSTL heroine? Why get in car parked on urban street alone at night without glancing in back?In a horror movie, she’d be the first chick to die for that reason alone.

Hmm, new character described as love-child of Denis Leary and Damian Lewis. Yum. Potential hero material? (not a SEAL or TSI guy)

Wait, probably not because he just told Jenn (POV character) that she reminded him of his twin sister. Yeah, no.  

Sam and Alyssa guarding Robin (again). Do Hollywood stars get threatened that often? Another crazy stalker.

Is kayoed a word? KO’d=knocked out. Has the abbreviation been turned into a real word?

Yes, according to, kayoed is a word. My new bit of knowledge an vocab for the day.

NYC="cultural capital of the entire world"? Think London, Paris, Rome et al. would dispute that assertion.

Kid in airport just told Gillman (another POV character, which makes 5 so far) that her mom was a soldier in "Wack". Funny but sad.

Villain POV is a departure for SB, can’t think of any other SB Big Bad who had voice before? Yes? No?

Older character update: Dolphina and Will from All Through the Night have gotten married

@SarahFrantz Wondered: in genre terms, POV of BigBad tends more with thrillers/rom suspense,yes? Not so much action, which is how I’d cont

@SarahFrantz label most of SB’s other books. Marker of subgenre shift for this book and/or future books?

I ❤ Jules + Robin. How much would I love a suspense/mystery series spinoff for them? Well, Jules as sleuth with Robin as his Boy Wonder

Baby Ashton with them while out on call at a client’s. Not sold on the professionalism there. At least not for first impression/meeting.

Bummer: Denis Leary-Damian Lewis Love Child turns out to be misogynist asshole who engages in police brutality.    

Dan was seriously hung up on Sophia Ghaffari? Based on a few dinners, followed by the let’s be friends speech?

Ambivalent abt Dan’s attitude re Jenn: upfront but feels sleazy bc targets sure thing rather than take risk of turndown from other?
To recap: Alyssa&Sam in NYC w/ team to protect politico; psycho Dentist stalking Alyssa; Dan Gillman abt to hook up w/Jenn, COC of politico

Am curious: did SB say Izzy & Eden would have HEA together, or just that they’d have HEA?

Am about 2/3 of the way thru, will finish tonight. Don’t see HEA for DG now, definitely. Not sure I’d want to read 4 bks tho.

Dan & Izzy & Ash have cried. Is that a record? FWIW, I have no problem w/ men who cry, crying is human function. Unusual in romance heroes.

Hah! Called it on the pig heart!

Was Tony V’s date Adam Wyndham? That wouldn’t be awkward at all, would it, with the whole TSI team and Robin and Jules in NYC together. :p

The L word from Tony…to Adam? When with Jules, risk of job was an issue. Wd be interested in knowing how deals with danger of SEAL "job".

Homophobic serial killer. Killing is okay, necessary even, but being gay is sick to him?

Finally meet the Killer through other POV characters’ eyes while the staff are being interviewed. There is the Killer and a red herring. imo

Spontaneous declaration of love for 2 week fling on day 2? Uh, awkward.

Like the convo btn Sam & Jules re achievement, disappointment, and big picture happiness. Not a SEAL but happy. In Mass, not DC but happy.

Can’t decide if the bits with Ashton are sweet and comic relief of sorts, or odd and out of place in suspense.

Running out of page space; btn suspense and Gillman’s baggage, doubt he’ll get an HEA in this book.

One piece of wisdom from DG: Eden is an infant, she’s acting like a 7th grader, running away and hiding. From Izzy and from life.

Oh, Danny, following up that wisdom w/ theory on culling not-beautiful (thus not insane) women for sex. Jenn will hear; no more sex for you.

Well, at least he knows he’s a dick.

Oh, reference to my favorite Princess Bride character and scene — the iocane powder.

Suspense plot wrapped up neatly. No HEA or HFN, just a maybe for Dan/Jenn but that’s ok b/c had no romance expectations for this book.

Robin’s idea of teeth in pocket for serial killer to fondle: squicky how easily he gets into character. But also accurate.

Suspense plot wrapped up neatly. No HEA or HFN, just a maybe for Dan/Jenn but that’s ok b/c had no romance expectations for this book.

Interested in seeing what happens w/ Izzy. Would fandom be outraged if not Izzy/Eden, a la Sophia/Dave/Decker thing?


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