Really, Eagles management?

It has been reported that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed the former VT/Atlanta quarterback to a two year contract.

How disappointing.



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5 responses to “Really, Eagles management?

  1. I heard the news this morning and couldn’t believe my ears. I hope the Eagles lose every game they play from now until the end of time.

    • ESPN’s feed at the bottom of the screen drives me crazy. Yesterday’s revealed that he’ll get paid $1.6M this season, whether or not he plays. And that he regrets the things that happened to him. Happened to him? As if he had no part in them “happening”? Ugh.

  2. I think it’s one year plus option on a second, if my news channels is right.
    Why is that disappointing news? (forgive me, I know ziltch about football)

    • Vick was indicted and then pled guilty to federal charges related to an illegal dog fighting business he ran. The allegations included the torture of dogs. The accounts of the treatment of animals by him and by his agents were quite graphic and sick-making. I feel very ambivalent about the idea that he is rehabilitated.
      I understand that the NFL is a business and its goal is to make money. The goal of each team is to win, and to make money. It just disappoints me that profit is more important when considering the roster than ethics and humane-ness.

  3. OH. I remember hearing something about a football player and fighting dogs some time ago. I remember thinking that was disgusting. But yeah, sport (and other money-making businesses) aren’t big on ethics. :-/

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