typos in the book blurb

Dear ePublisher:

The two typos in this single sentence of the blurb jumped out at me.

Julian, however, fears the reprecussions of  a homosexual relationship will have within his family and spuns Alex toward the end of their trip. 

Typos in the book blurb indicate a lack of attention to detail, editing, and a basic failure to run SpellCheck.  SpellCheck would only have caught one of them, since the other typo resulted in another word that doesn’t make sense in that context.  Still., they do not inspire confidence in the production that may have gone into the book in question or in any of the other books available on your site. 

As a consumer, I’m wary of shelling out $7 for a book that may be littered with typos.  It may be very tightly edited…but I can only go by the blurb, which was not.

First impressions and all.



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6 responses to “typos in the book blurb

  1. Anonymous

    LOL One doe wonder how to spun, doesn’t one?

  2. Anonymous

    And further – the grammar is off. Shouldn’t it read
    “Julien, however, fears the repercussions a homosexual relationship will have on his family and spurns Alex towards the end of their trip”
    No of and on – not within.
    KristieJ (again)

  3. I wonder how many people besides me Googled that sentence to see who the publisher was and what book it was?

    • A few, I’m sure 😉
      I omitted the title and author intentionally, guessing there’s little authorial control over blurbs. Originally the post included the publisher, but I took it out.

  4. I don’t know how it works at other places, but at Samhain, authors work hand in hand with editors and the copy writer to create the blurb. Then they get proofed again by my assistant before they get sent to the webmaster. And still typos get through 😛

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