Good eats

DC Restaurant Week: Aug 24 through 30th.  For $35, the participating restaurants provide a three course meal, drinks, tax and tip not included, of course.

Attempted to make reservations today, aiming toward higher end places that make the fixed price menu a bargain.  (Even so, it’s hard to leave without spending at least $120 for 2, assuming at least one drink each plus tip.)  A lot of the places we were interested in are already booked, no surprise there, must be quick at Open Table for DC’s RW.

Reservations for:
Rasika (lunch, no dinner left)
Cafe Atlantico (lunch)
…and one other place I’ve already forgotten.
Bombay Club

Other places of interest that were booked:
Il Mulino
Taberna del Alabardero

Places I’d like to try outside of RW:
The Oval Room

Blue Duck Tavern, Citronelle and Michel Richard’s Central were not participating, otherwise they’d’ve been on my wish list, too.

The participating restaurants seemed heavy both on high-end steakhouses and small plates.

Will be eating PBJ the following week for make up for all the eating out.


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4 responses to “Good eats

  1. So I’m going to guess that you are a person who will take risks with food. Bob and I are pretty set in our ways – many people ask if we’ve been to a few places in town and even though we have the only thing I would think of trying is the burger cause I’m not adventuresome. There is a restaurant we have not tried because there isn’t one thing on the menu Bob or I would even bother trying and it’s walking distance and the place is FANCY. We looked at the menu once and realized we couldn’t eat there. Sad.

    • Hi, Cindy.
      I don’t know about risks with food, more risks with restaurants. The ones I listed have gotten good reviews from food critics, but also from people I know. I assume that even if the cuisine won’t be my favorite, there’s bound to be at least one thing on the menu that will suit. There are things that I won’t try, and stuff like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (eww, he ate the still beating heart of a snake) are not for me.
      There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like and sticking to it. There’s a reason for comfort food, and for being a regular at the neighborhood joint 😀 (My neighborhood favorite is a bbq place, and I don’t even need a menu b/c I order the same two or three things every time.)

  2. Anonymous

    The waitresses at our favourite joint know what I’m going to order. I sometimes feel bad for the cook because even he knows who I am and waves to me as I come in the door. I’m sure he’s grateful that my hubby at least changes things up.

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