SBD: pregnesia

Even if Beth does not call for the SBD today (hey, she’s away, having fun without us), I have to post.

While making a cursory check of the book aisle at Target, I skimmed past the category releases, then had to do a double-take.  The book in question caused me a serious WTF moment.  I actually had to stop and take a picture and Tweet it.  (Yes, I’ve succumbed.  Sorry.)

Even readers who know and love categories have to admit that they rely on two tropes rather heavily:  secret baby/pregnancy and amnesia.  Because running away from your baby daddy without letting him know he is going to be a baby daddy out of your own Big Misunderstanding and pride is always the best way to deal with things.  And because we all have things we’d like to forget.  But Harlequin has smashed the two tropes together to present readers with Pregnesia

That’s right, Pregnesia is the title of the book.  Presumably an abbreviation for the pregnant amnesiac who is being protected by a SEAL…who I’m sure is a total stranger who will fall in love with the heavily pregnant heroine (because that happens a lot IRL, right?). 

I’m trying to figure out if the title is supposed to be tongue in cheek?  Is Harlequin gently poking some fun at itself?  I couldn’t tell, and I wasn’t willing to buy a copy of the book to find out.

I’m still just totally bemused by the whole idea.  Pregnesia.  Because she wants to forget that she’s pregnant?  How she got pregnant?  Her baby daddy? 

Really, Harlequin?  Really?


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17 responses to “SBD: pregnesia

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. The mind boggles.
    I didn’t think Harlequin knew how to poke fun at itself, but the idea that this is a “serious” title is also too ridiculous for words!
    ETA: I just had to share this with the Cafe folk! We have a ridiculous title thread, and I think this one just won the grand prize.

    • I had to actually pick a copy of the book up and check the one behind it for the same title. Thought it was a joke or my imagination was running away with me. Because it was on the bottom shelf and my first glance was cursory, thought maybe I was seeing what I wanted to rather than what was…nope.

  2. Have not laughed this hard in forever. Oh my god. I thought it was a joke until clicking over to the store.
    Still dying with laughter.

  3. *adds to memories*. Love it.

    • On one hand, it’s ridiculous. Pregnesia? Really? But on the other hand, it tells readers/buyers exactly what to expect.
      Wish I’d thought of it first, though, if only for the entertainment factor.

  4. Anonymous

    I had to click onto the link, becaaaauuuuuse….. well, I had doubts. Now I have skeptimesia and forget why I doubted. Now just stunned.
    Feel very sorry for author.
    vanessa jaye

    • Actually, I almost added a comment when I posted originally that it looked a little like an entry in some sort of SBTB cover contest. Because no one would really use that title, right?
      I would be very curious about how this book sells. Because obviously amnesia stories and secret baby stories sell well. Will readers and buyers get past the title? The story inside might be good.

  5. Anonymous

    I know I got really forgetfull when I was pregnant but not that bad. Pregnesia as a term does have a home at the Urban Dictionary. All kinds of weird and funny.

  6. Anonymous

    I am insanely tempted. Amnesia, prenancy, SEALS – and one of the few reviews I could find asks the question ‘And how does the Church of Enlightenment enter into the story?’
    I sort of want to know the answer…
    Marianne McA

  7. I’m thinking I did see this title and my brain protected me by scanning it and blocking it from my memory.
    Just when you think Harlequin couldn’t possibly one up itself with bad titles, it pulls this one out of the hat.

  8. Anonymous

    This is a very interesting way to tell a story. It has me thinking of a twist to it I can add to my series. It is interesting how events like this can trigger a new ideal for your own writing. Thanks.
    Beth Gray

    • I’m sure there are worse titles out there. But where?
      Actually, I thought I read somewhere that Harlequin was going to try to move away from the billionaires in titles and the mistresses and secret babies. But just in the titles, not in the stories.

  9. Anonymous

    Harlequin Intrigue also had one called Covert Cootchie cootchie coo. That was one about a missing baby, I couldn’t buy it or Pregnesia, Oh the titles. Harlequin intrigue has really lost it’s mind.

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