Conferences sell books

Okay, I know that many, many more books were given away as part of the conference than were sold as part of the Literacy Signing.  But I’ve already downloaded four books by authors I had never heard of before, and probably would not have tried but for the fact that I met them (or a family member who chatted about them) at the conference.   Why did I buy these when I have 40 new books to shelve and read?  Because their names and/or story hooks were in my head.  I’d’ve bought others if they were available as ebooks…

  • Savage Dragon by Anna Hackett
  • When A Lady Misbehaves by Michelle Marcos
  • The Secret Soldier by Jennifer Morey
  • Body Chemistry by Dara Girard

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  1. Anonymous

    This happens to me every blessed time I attend RWA. This year? It’s two authors I heard speak at the Librarian Event. I’ll be buying books by Tracy Montoya and Candice Poarch in the near future.

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