RWA, I had no idea.  I know I looked at the schedule before Monday, when I registered, but I conveniently missed the RITA awards etc. on Saturday night.  And Moonlight Madness.  And there is NO WAY I’m either leaving early to catch the last train home (which leaves at a pathetically early 10:00pm) or skipping it.  No, can’t do it.  So instead I’ve booked a hotel.  Screw it and my "travel" budget.

And now I need a dress?  How dressy is this event?

And also, due to RWA (#RWA09) (and because I’ve now been nagged by TB, BFF and C), I’ve signed up for Twitter.  Not really sure what to do with it, really.  I heard it likened to a cocktail party, which is unfortunate, because I hate cocktail parties (except for the booze) and the small talk.  Guess I’ll figure it out.

Must also figure out which authors/books I’m going to purchase for the literacy event.  K.A. Mitchell and Ann Aguirre definitely.  Others I’d like, but am not sure I want to stand in what I’m sure will be hella lines.  (La Nora signing my worn first print run/edition of Naked in Death, frex.)


Dear MTA —

You suck humongous donkey balls.   The 6:17 train left the station on time this morning; it usually reaches Union Station by 7:12.  Today, it was 10:08 before we hit DC.  The communication was pathetic, and what little information was communicated to passengers was outright WRONG.  First it was this, then it was that, then it would only take another 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 45 more.  Whatever.

All this despite copious promises to improve communication and the fact that stimulous money is (in theory) being devoted to upgrading the system.  Ridership is up 35%.  It’s a shame your performance seems to be down correspondingly.

No love,



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14 responses to “Jeeze!

  1. OMG, you can share our hotel room if you don’t mind…well, sharing. My and Crystal Goldman and one of her friends, but it’ll end up being a little more than $60 a night if there’s four of us (I think).

  2. I will be there! Non stop fun. Sleep? Leave that idea at the door.

  3. La Nora’s doing a big signing at her husband’s bookstore this weekend — maybe you can go there!

  4. Anonymous

    Re: The RITA ceremony. A dress would be good, but you don’t need to go crazy. Some of the authors get all decked out, but in years past I’ve worn a simple black dress, some nice heels, and haven’t stuck out like a sore thumb.

    • That’s good to know. I tried on all of the dressy dresses in my closet last night. It was like that movie, 27 Dresses, except without the hot guy watching. Kidding. It was ugly, since most of them are bridesmaid/attendant-y. One would work but need a Serious Foundation Undergarment. A couple others are on the more casual side, but would be okay with heels and jewelry to dress them up.

  5. Can I tell you how much I love that someone besides me uses the words “Serious Foundation Garment.” I’m thinking my Rita dress will need one, too.
    I’m so excited that you’ll be looking for me. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you.

  6. Anonymous

    how will we know it’s you? what will your name tag say?
    Kate R

    • It’ll have my regular name and jmc on it. Or we could just use passwords/phrases…
      Are you going to be at the Lit. signing? Or the Rogue Digital thing? I’ll be there.

  7. Anonymous

    Lit signing–I’ll be there but to buy books not sell them. Rogue workshop, yes indeed, if I can wake up in time and if I’ve managed to unload my offspring on family.
    Kate R

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