I registered for RWA today. Waited almost till the the last minute, wibbling about whether it was the right conference to attend as a reader rather than writer or aspiring author.

Need to look at the schedule and figure out my plans.

Any RWA attendees want to meet up?

ETA: iPhone, please to stop “fixing” my typos. I really meant RWA, not TEA.

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12 responses to “RWA

  1. I wish I could still afford to be a member and go to the conferences. You’re gonna love it and learn so much. Have fun and practice your pitches. LOL.
    Readers are always welcome, too!

  2. Yay! I’ve got a panel 3:15-4:15 on Friday. IASPR will be at Moonlight Madness on Thursday night and I’ll be at most SBTB/DA events. IASPR meetup at 4:30pm Friday (somewhere). Can’t WAIT to meet you!

    • Looking forward to meeting you, too!
      I’ll check out the IASPR stuff on the schedule. And I’ve signed up for the DA/SBTB text thing, but wasn’t sure what was going on there.

      • Just Twittered (get thee on Twitter!): IASPR get together during #RWA09: Friday evening, 4:30-6:30, place TBA. Munchies and drinks (alcoholic and non). Dinner afterwards.
        You’re on the Romance Scholar listserv? Just sent out another email there, too.
        SBTB/DA text signup is just for the hotel room number, I think. I should do that for IASPR as well. Hrm.

      • I used to be on the Romance Scholar listserv but haven’t checked it in…a long time. Maybe I unsubscribed? Have to go look in my email archives.
        I’ve been resisting Twitter, because it seemed like one more thing to do, you know. And it would lead to my minimal blogging being reduced even more. But since upgrading my phone, I’ve been all about texting rather than emailing, so maybe I need to rethink my Twitter position.

  3. You going to come by and introduce yourself? I’ll be at the signing on Wed and two panels on Sat. Would love to say hi in person 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    KristieJ and I will both be there. We’re rooming together at the conference hotel, so we should be fairly easy to track down 🙂

  5. I’ll be there, but just at the signing. I thought about signing up for the conference, but I wasn’t convinced I’d get all that I could out of it, particularly as a reader, and since I have school & stuff to pay for, I figured I’d better hold on to my money. lol. Maybe some other time. I am looking forward to the signing, though. This will be my first time attending any kind of RWA event.

    • Same here, first timer 🙂
      I kinda figured that it won’t be coming back this way for awhile, and I can do the conference without airfare or four nights hotel.

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