WTH: a spaghetti-eating cat?

I watched the video to "I Don’t Care" the other day; hadn’t before, just listened to the song on my Shuffle.  Imagine my suprise when the video stopped, flashed to a picture of a cat in a bib sitting in front of a plate of spaghetti.  What?  Rewind.  Yes, still there.  


So I checked with The Biochemist, purveyor of all things FOB.  Nope, didn’t happen in her copy of the video, which was downloaded from iTunes.  Huh.  I dl’d the whole album, including the video, from iTunes too.  Why the difference?  Who put it in and why?  Are there different versions of the video on the album vs. other sources?  [Turns out that it was intentional, according to Wikipedia.]


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