SBD: nothing

I used what little brain power I had left this evening to finish up (not very satisfactorily, tbh) a post on ebook pricing for Readers Gab.  There’s nothing left for SBD, which is a shame.  Maybe next week?

Unrelated:  Wimbledon began today, but I cannot muster much enthusiasm because the prohibitive favorite is Roger Federer. Nadal is out with tendonitis; Andy Murray is probably going to choke on the expectations of millions of Britons; Djokovic has been head casey since his heart-breaking loss to Nadal in Madrid (maybe the best match I’ve seen all year).  The others?  Eh.  What’s my problem with Federer?  Well, I can appreciate the genius of his tennis, but something about his personality just rubs me wrong:  he comes across as smug and snobbish.  Is he so in real life?  I have no idea, that’s just the vibe I get.  And frankly, the omnipresent monogram, gold man purse and this year’s Wimbledon kit are not serving to diminish this impression but to reinforce it.  I get that he is the GOAT according to conventional wisdom, but Nike is doing him a disservice with that get up.  The jacket?  The vest?  [He’s married now; why isn’t his wife checking what he wears before he leaves the house?  Seriously, just because he’s friends with Anna Wintour doesn’t mean he won’t make fashion mistakes.]


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10 responses to “SBD: nothing

  1. Anonymous

    I know what you mean! Federer seems a tad arrogant or bland. Can one be arrogantly bland? He does look like a Gay Orthodontist.

  2. LOL!!!! That shot on the left is particularly bizarre.
    I’m disappointed Nadal isn’t in it this year.

    • I can only guess that the bag started to slide down his shoulder as he was doing a fan-wave?
      The jacket alone…maybe it would be okay in another color, if he were an uber-hip dude. Not so much in the all whites of Wimbledon.
      A Nadal-Federer final again would’ve been beautiful. Maybe next year…

  3. My parents agree.
    My mother absolutely can’t stand Federer.
    And as for his wife, my mother would say that she has no fashion sense herself, so there’s nothing she can do about him.

    • I don’t know about his wife’s fashion sense — I’ve only seen her when the camera pans to her in the stands. She seemed to be dressed rather conservatively, but not badly. But it wouldn’t take too much fashion sense to say, No, dear, not that, would it?

      • My mama would beg to differ. LOL.
        Seriously though, people get a couple of Get Out of Fashion Disaster Zone Free cards in each lifetime.
        I guess Federer just used one up.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, but half of the fun of Wimbledon is the building excitement of watching the plucky Brit somehow survive through to the last stages, only to bomb out when the Nation’s hopes have been finally raised. Wouldn’t be summer otherwise.
    And if Murray wins, we get to see everyone in Scotland seethe as he’s described as a British player. (Somehow, if an English player wins at something, they’re never described as British – at least that’s how it seems…)
    Marianne McA

  5. Anonymous

    Oh, tennis! My second favorite sport! And thank you God for someone else not liking Rodge. Granted, yes, the guy can play tennis and his backhand swing is stunningly gorgeous — but he’s a machine and I’m tired of the “given” that he’s going to win any tournament he’s in. I haven’t pulled the standings from Wed. & Thurs., and since I worked both nights, I don’t know if my guy got further — yeah, the brat, Andy Roddick.
    LOL Head casey Djokovic — I love that! Perfect description.

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