I’m perfectly safe

 I received four calls this evening, all from people who were anxious to make sure that I had made it home safely.

I don’t ride the Metro on the stretch of Red Line upon which today’s crash occured, at least not during my work commute.  But I appreciate the thoughts of the people who called to check on me.



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4 responses to “I’m perfectly safe

  1. Anonymous

    I thought of you when I heard this morning, so thanks for the update. xoxo Lyvvie (I also commented above and forgot to leave a name)

    • Hi, Lyvvie! Thanks for thinking of me:)
      No one in my group at work was aboard that train, although a couple people were stuck on the Metro in the trains following it, a few stops behind. Lots of grumbles about lack of communication (equipment failure is how it was labeled), but everyone got home safely, if slowly.

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re safe. I saw the pictures on CNN — very scary.
    (edited b/c I can’t type for shit this morning)

    • Scary for people in my office who were a few trains ahead or a few trains behind. Everyone was reminding themselves that as bad as the accident was, the Metro is still safer than driving.

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