I was thrilled to read that K.A. Mitchell is working on a book for Dr. Jae Sun Kim, a minor character from Collision Course (best "straight" -heh- romance I read last year). 

Mitchell’s latest book, Chasing Smoke, is #2 on Samhain’s best seller list right now.  I’m about half way through, but floundering with the mystery portion, which seems a sort of reminiscent of both Scooby Doo (predictable) and a Hollywood blockbuster (predictable in a different way).  It’s really dragging down the romance/relationship part of the book, which is pretty good.

And after that, I’ve still got The Clockwork Heart to be read, and Josh Lanyon’s new mystery.



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3 responses to “Yay!

  1. Yeah, the mystery was just strange. I learned to nod and smile my way through that portion of it and just go with the relationship. Which is good, as usual.
    She said on her LJ that she’d got the mystery out of her system and Jae Sun’s book was “straight” romance again. Here’s hoping.

    • I finished Chasing Smoke on the commute home tonight. Overall, it wasn’t bad, but I’m glad to hear that Mitchell isn’t going to be writing more mysteries in the immediate future 😉
      Have you read her novella “Hot Ticket”? I think it runs a very close second to Collision Course as her best stuff. And for me, it’s second mostly because of the short format; I finished wishing for a little more of Cade and Elliot.

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