TBR fail

Yet again I fail at Keishon’s TBR Challenge.  I’m not reading much.  Re-reading, mostly.  This past weekend I pulled Siri L. Mitchell’s The Cubicle Next Door off the shelf.  It’s inspirational, but only mildly so and not proselytizing.  Upon rereading, the book struck me as very readable chicklit, which made me wonder if the label and/or distribution limited its potential audience. [ Although the heroine really needed a head slap…which the hero gave her, metaphorically.]

The New Yorker profile of LaNora (courtesy of SBTB) was refreshingly not condescending…but nothing new either, really.  More interesting to me in that issue was the article on the exhumation of Granadino Republicans murdered by the Falange during the Spanish Civil War, particularly that of Federico Garcia Lorca.  It reminds me that I need to find my copy of Ghosts of Spain.

Caught part of the Jays-Phillies game earlier this evening.  Ryan Howard, Phillies’ 1B, has the longest current active consective games streak – 339.  Which reminds me again of the glory days of Cal Ripken and his 2,632 games. 


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