Pop culture carbon dating

As I read the announcement that this week’s Samhain Kindle freebie would be Frank Tuttle’s Dead Man’s Rain, all I could think of was M*A*S*H and the episode in which Hawkeye invents a fake Captain Tuttle.  The episode aired before I was born, but thanks to TVLand and syndication, I’ve seen just about every episode of the show. 

I’m sure the book and the show have nothing in common but a name.  It’s just weird the free associations that the mind can make, and the leaps in thought.



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2 responses to “Pop culture carbon dating

  1. I thought of that ep too! The mister is a M*A*S*H addict — he has the whole series on DVD — so I’ve seen this one quite a few times too.
    “He jumped with everything he needed…except his parachute.”

  2. Anonymous

    Frank Tuttle, RIP
    I love that episode too. Especially the heart-felt tribute to the late Captain Tuttle, which always brings a tear to my eye, since I pretend it’s about me.
    And no, my book ‘Dead Man’s Rain’ lacks a Captain Tuttle, though I hope it more than makes up for it in many ways.
    Frank Tuttle (who remembered his parachute)

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