I am weak

I haven’t had a problem resisting the lure of Amazon since the AmazonFail debacle over Easter weekend.  I am sure my business wasn’t missed.  But SBSarah noted that Samhain was giving away a free ebook via Kindle this week, so I had to download it.  And I received a notice that DVDs were on sale at Amazon.  Queer As Folk’s final season, usually priced at over $100, is on sale for $46.  And Season 3 of Friday Night Lights (oh, Kyle Chandler with the forelock that predicts all moods and is a character all by itself) is less than $20. 

I have succumbed.  I am weak and my DVD lust has overpowered my principles.



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2 responses to “I am weak

  1. QAF? Really? ::frowny face:: Yes, my birthday today, but we have no money. Dammit.

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