Reward offered: have you seen my reading mojo?

I have lost my reading mojo and cannot find it. I’m searching for it desperately, hunting high and low.  Nothing I read appeals — most are abandoned before 50 pages have passed. The few that do make it beyond the 50 page mark? Eh.

My ability to suspend disbelief, to let slide reality within the books…it is gone. Half the time I read, the little voice in my head is saying, "That’s not sexy, that’s sexual harassment." Or "She was unconscious — it doesn’t matter if you "gave" her an orgasm, she was a stranger, passed out, and you molested her. There was no consent, that’s rape."  

The most recent occurence for this was yesterday’s read. In romantic suspense you always have cops of some sort falling in lust with either the victim or the suspect. And somehow, there are seldom any serious professional repercussions, or even any lip service paid to the rules by the supervisors or managers. The only (recent) exception to this that I can think of is in James Buchanan’s Hard Fall, in which the hero is suspended; eventually he is reinstated, but at a lower grade.  His supervisor went to bat for him, but also made his disappointment clear.  In yesterday’s read?  Not so much.  Despite the fact that the supervisor and another cop caught the heroine in bed with her serial killer suspect when they arrived to take him in for questioning, there were zero repercussions for her professionally.  Zilch.  Instead, her supervisor went out of his way to make this easy for her professionally, in terms of her career in the HEA. 

Of course, my perspective is a little skewed, because I really disliked the heroine, who spent the entire book lying to, deceiving and manipulating everyone, not just the hero.  Also, I must’ve missed the passage in which the actual serial killer’s original alibi was shredded, because it was originally "rock solid" when the heroine was going through the cast of characters and potential suspects. 



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3 responses to “Reward offered: have you seen my reading mojo?

  1. We can look for our reading mojo together.

  2. Anonymous

    Well my reading mojo isn’t too bad. It’s my reviewing mojo that’s deserted me altogether. Plus, I’m reading mostly crime fiction these days. When I get tired of people getting brutally murdered, I may go back to romance books.
    Karen Scott

  3. Surfing around and caught the reference *cough* vanity search *cough*, but thanks for pointing Hard Fall out as the exception to the “rule.”

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