The Jewel of Medina

The headline at GalleyCat indicating that Jewel of Medina is still not available in the UK caught my attention.  I recall the publisher’s firebombing, but has assumed that the book was ultimately published/distributed/widely available.  Certainly when I was on holiday in Spain earlier this year, copies of La joya de Medina were prominently displayed in the bookstores in Madrid.  But it looks like no one in the UK is willing to distribute the book, effectively banning it.  Shame.

Note:  I haven’t read the book and don’t plan on it, since I’ve been less than enchanted by historical fiction based on real (major) historical figures.  It’s very hard to do well, IMO.  But I still think it is a shame that the book is not available for those readers in the UK who might be interested.


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