Mutua Madrilena

Nadal v. Djokovic, SF.  This third set tie break has featured some insanely good tennis.

Which makes up for the sloppy first set, frankly.

Now I must go back to watching.

Also:  What is up with Nadal’s head band/hair thingy?  He looks quite disheveled and out of sorts.



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3 responses to “Mutua Madrilena

  1. LOL.
    My mother hates it — Nadal’s hair issues that is. And not in a motherly, awww he’s so cute sort of way.
    More in a “May, will you tie your hair up!!!” sort of way.
    Now you made me miss my mama.

    • Sorry!
      It looks like he’s wearing it higher on his head than he used to. Or maybe he just pushed it back when wiping down between points? He seems so particular (rather OCD-ish really) that the difference seems very noticeable to me.

      • Don’t watch tennis here. Have a TV but my flatmate doesn’t watch sports, it’s her TV and I don’t have the time.
        But I know what you mean about him being OCD. Him and his multiple water bottles too.

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