Library run

Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder.  I still haven’t read the second and third books of the "Study" series.  But I was tempted when I found a copy in the "just returned" bin.

The Manny Files and Hit the Road, Manny by Chris Burch.  Saw Burch’s name on the Lamba Literary Finalist list, which was linked to in a thread at Dear Author.

Always by Nicola Griffiths.  From the same thread over at DA.  Actually, a different book in this series was recommended, but this was the only book by this author in my library’s collection.

Born in Shame by Nora Roberts.   I used to have a copy of this book, but can’t find it; have been wanting to re-read ever since re-reading Born in Fire.

Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward.  Not spending another penny on this series.  And it has been in my possession for >36 hours but I haven’t felt the urge to read, which is sad when I consider how much I looked forward to the second and third books of this series.  I did open the book, and have to ask:  what is that mess on the inside cover?  It looks like a 10 year old’s doodling.  Is it supposed to be some sort of hieroglyphic of the Old Language?  It looks a little low brow for that, IMO.

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