Carla Kelly fans!

Alert!  Alert!  Alert!

The Surgeon’s Lady, Ms. Kelly’s June Harlequin Historical, is available in ebook format.  In case you don’t want to wait until late May/early June when paper copies are available…. 

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve already bought and read a copy.  And I’ll probably buy a paper copy, too.



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2 responses to “Carla Kelly fans!

  1. I just ordered this yesterday. Harlequin’s Friday special deal was free shipping on any order. I’ve actually never read Carla Kelly before, but I keep hearing such good things about her, I also bought Marrying the Captain as a ebook.

    • Oh, I hope you enjoy The Captain’s Lady! I liked it a great deal, although I must admit that it was very slow for the first half. Not a lot of action, just the two falling in love; but that changed just after they got married.
      Which now that I think about it, that’s kind of interesting — in most romance novels, the big action sequence or suspense or mayhem occurs while the two are still falling in love or making up their minds about each other. By the time they acknowledge their feelings, the story is over and the wedding/HEA is just the epilogue or the icing on the cake. In this case, the wedding is the impetus (of sorts) for the action. Hmmm.

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