NR’s Tribute on Lifetime

9:00  Brittany Murphy as Cilla McGowan?   Not even putting her in work boots will convince me that she is a contractor.  That sledgehammer form is pretty poor — if she did that in real life, she’d throw out her back.

9:03  Mrrrow.  The guy playing Ford Sawyer is HOT.  Where have I seen him before? 

9:10  I’m still not convinced that Cilla/Brittany knows anything about home renos or contracting.  And WHAT is going on with those eyebrows?  Is there an eyebrow equivalent of Botox (to go with those lips)?

9:12  So far, the tv movie is missing the alternating point of view — the lack of Ford’s perspective is seriously lacking in comparison to the story told in the book, and IMO it makes a huge difference.

9:20  Early appearance for the ex, plot-wise.  And the ex still seems hung up on Cilla.  Okay, maybe not.

9:22  The neighbor with binoculars looks much creepier on screen than it seemed in the book.

Commercial break:  what are Lance sandwich crackers?

Observation:  the compressed timeline and story development, while understandable because it’s TV, is killing the story.  There must be a visual way to show the passage of time in a better way, instead of cramming the story all together.  It’s also making the relationship development pretty hard to believe.

9:36  It has just occured to me — didn’t Ford have a dog?  Where’s the dog?  And did he stay over at Cilla’s?  I don’t remember that. 

Observation:  The production values for the special effect for the dreams are…not all that good.  That fake fall through darkness was pretty lame, and the blue-screening was fairly obvious.

I’m not sure I can sit through another hour of Brittany Murphy trying to act.

9:46  I love TV head injuries — they require lots of bandages, and almost never require that the patient’s head be shaved.

9:49  That confrontation at the hardware store seemed a little neurotic on Cilla’s part, and kind of uncalled for.  Did it happen in the book?

9:57  Sharing the letters with the police?  I don’t think that happened in the book.

10:01  Why pull over willingly when someone is trying to drive you off the road?

10:03  Sketching scene.  Reminds me of Titanic.  Is there going to be nookie now? 

10:05  Yes, there is.

What is going on with her hair?  It alternates between looking brittle (when it’s straight) and matted (when curly).  And why those clunky cowboy books with the light and flirty dresses?  As a fashion statement, they fail.

10:15  Confrontation with the coroner?  In a nursing home?  And hey, where’d Steve go?  He was bashed on the head; but after a few visits in the hospital, he disappeared.  Did I miss his adieu when I got up to get a drink awhile ago?

10:17  Where is Ford’s family?  And Cilla’s dad?

Trailer for Obsessed.  Which looks a bit like an updated Fatal Attraction.

10:41  I can’t decide if knowing the Bad Guy is causing it, or if the actor is just telegraphing.

Commercial break: I love the Swiffer Wet Jet "Don’t You Want Me, Baby" commercial. 

10:55  Confession by the Bad Guy while holding Cilla is kind of Scooby Doo-ish.  It was in the book, too. 

Last scene — a visual epilogue.   

Conclusion:  I have to stop watching adaptations of books I enjoyed — they generally disappoint because I can’t be an objective viewer.  The exceptions that I can think of are few and far between, and tend to be British period pieces. 




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2 responses to “NR’s Tribute on Lifetime

  1. This was THE WORST adaptation of a La Nora book EVAH (OK, I can’t speak for Northern Lights since I haven’t read it, but still…). They did absolutely everything wrong, IMO.
    Oh, and Jason Lewis had a guest shot on House and was apparently on Sex and the City too. Cute, but godawful in this role.

    • As I watched (horrified, mostly), I wasn’t sure if the adaptation was as bad as I thought, or if I was judging too harshly because I enjoyed the book. Re-reading seems like a good idea — reading the real thing may clean this mess out of my memory.
      Couldn’t watch Northern Lights — the casting was too awful.
      Thanks for the info on Jason Lewis. I didn’t watch SatC and haven’t watched much House, so I must’ve seen him elsewhere. IMBD will be able to tell me, I’m sure.

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