Seether’s cover of Careless Whisper

Courtesy of The Biochemist:

Opinions, anyone?

I like the sound of the guitar and bass, personally.  It lacks the cheese of the original, which is what I liked best about it (the original).  



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2 responses to “Seether’s cover of Careless Whisper

  1. I actually dig it. It was always such an intense song, emotionally, which was nicely hidden beneath the cheese and the heavy 80s sax. I’d have more respect for this version if the singer had hit the big falsetto note in the bridge, “But NOOOOOOOO one’s gonna dance with me…”

    • I didn’t hold the lack of falsetto against the singer — when I saw George Michael in concert last summer, he couldn’t hit that note any longer either.
      This version is growing on me, I must admit.

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