TBR fail

~  I fail at the TBR Challenge — pulled Meljean Brook’s Demon Bound  from the TBR pile but never got around to reading it, because I was too busy fiddling with the Kindle.  Bad jmc.

~  Check out this graphic about language extinction.

Must look up more information on this; I read about language extinction in a couple of linguistics classes in college, but the languages that interested me were those that were experiencing a rejuvenation due to social change and a lift of political repression. 

~  The Uncle Buck’s Peach Tea is a killer — tastes like sweet peach tea, not alcohol.  Which makes it easy to suck a couple down during happy hour, then stumble as you slide off the bar stool leave the table with your usual grace.

~  I’ve made my DABWAHA pics — the final version online doesn’t entirely match my original version, but the quarterfinals, semifinals, finals and champ didn’t change.  Ultimately, for the early rounds, I ended up voting for favorites and in some cases voting more against than for a selection.  For example, I selected Be With Me over Lord John and the Hand of Devils, despite not reading BWM because LJHD was a 2007 book, not 2008; I selected Shaken and Stirred over Duke of Shadows, even though I did not really like the book because I hated the second half of DoS.  Ultimately, it was hard to choose in the later rounds because books that I loved in different ways were competing — how to choose between Passage and The Hunger Games, and then between Passage and Cry Wolf?


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