SBD: pathetic editing

Today’s SBD shall be brief and to-the-point.

Editorial staffs everywhere:  WTF?!?

Maybe editorial staffs have disappeared in this recession, which might explain some of the sloppy writing.

Here are three typos or editing gaffes that I caught while reading last weekend.  There were more, but these are the ones that I remember without consulting the books in question.  

  • amatuer is not a word; probably the author meant "amateur"
  • when putting out a BOLO, the subject is not of "Indian decent" but of "Indian descent" — that "s" makes a difference not only in meaning but in pronunciation
  • "no" is not the same as "know", and when a character lacks knowledge, "I don’t no" is not the correct way to phrase the idea
  • to =/= too =/= two

I make spelling and grammar errors as I blog.  And, unfortunately, in work papers, too.   Everyone does it.  We’re all human.

Here’s the thing, though, NY publishers and small epublishers:  when I’m buying a book and I read sentences that lack punctuation and seem to not even have a passing acquaintance with the idea of S-V-O?  When homophones are repeatedly misused and common spelling errors that even SpellCheck should catch are littered through out the book?  I feel like returning the damn book and asking for a refund, or perhaps converting the document to .doc, fixing the obvious errors (not necessarily the dubious stylistic choices, though) and redlining it, then sending it back to the epublisher.



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4 responses to “SBD: pathetic editing

  1. Anonymous

    You know, I wonder if you would be offered a job? I don’t catch half the errors most people do but then I never understood my grammar lessons!

  2. Darnit that was from me! You hear of ways people get cool jobs – I’m just saying it might be your in 😉

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