I have drunk the Kindle-Ade

And I like it.  It is cherry flavored and sweet.

The proprietary nature of the files still bothers me.  But my desire for immediate gratification is satisfied by the Whispernet wifi that permits me to buy and download and read immediately, from wherever I happen to be.  On the train?  Okay.  Waiting in line at the post office?  Fine.  Sitting on the couch?  Sure.

Also book related, Rob Thurman’s Deathwish, Kelley Armstrong’s Made to Be Broken, and Tom Holland’s Rubicon arrived yesterday in hard copy.  Pretty as they all are, I just want to ogle and stroke my Kindle (gently used, v1.0) rather than read paper books.  I’ll get over that soon enough I’m sure.  But still…


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One response to “I have drunk the Kindle-Ade

  1. Anonymous

    Funny, the kindle-ade! I feel the same way. However, since i can’t afford a Kindle, I’m still on the moral high ground about that proprietary files biz.

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