Why is it the Palacio Real, but the Real Armeria and the Real Farmacia? (I know, I’m missing accents in there, I’ll come back and put them in later.)

Also, two new phrases that I learned: venta al mayor (wholesale) and enhorabuena (expecting). The first was written on signs in many of the businesses around Tirso de Molina, where I stayed in Madrid. Wholesale fashion storefronts abounded. The second I read in a gossipy magazine insert in the Saturday edition of ABC. Which also happened to feature blurbs about two of the few non-royal, non-mainstream sporting Spaniards whose names I recognize: Fran and Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez. Er, not that the enhorabuena came up in the context of those two, but for someone else whose name I did not recognize.

Book to look for: Ghosts of Spain by Giles Someone.


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2 responses to “Why?

  1. Sure it wasn’t “venta al por mayor”? That’s what we would say in Uruguay and other parts of Latin America, but those crazy Spaniards might do it differently *g*And enhorabuena is actually “congratulations”, just the Spanish version of our “felicitaciones”. I suppose the gossip mags might have extended it to be an euphemism for expecting, though.

  2. jmc

    None of the signs read “venta al por mayor” that I can recall, just “venta al mayor”. Or “venta al mayor y al publico” occasionally. A few of the signs were hand-written, which would make a grammar error not a big deal, but on the larger, nicer storefronts, the sign was an engraved plaque, so I would hope it wasn’t a widespread typo or grammar error :)Thanks for the info about enhorabuena.

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