I just…really?

When I saw this graphic over at The Economist online, I was kind of boggled and more than a little perplexed.  Really?

Here’s a related article on the spread of Darwinism.



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2 responses to “I just…really?

  1. I showed this to my Norwegian exchange student and he is still muttering; ok, not muttering, exclaiming loudly. Now the Italian one is going, too! Wow!!

  2. Wonder how they measure devoutness?
    If you compare that chart against church attendance:
    (and I’ve no idea how reliable those figures are)
    there is a broad trend that the more people attend church, the fewer believe in evolution, but it’s by no means exact.
    Ireland looks by far like the most devout country, with 84% church attendance, but Switzerland with 16% church attendance, is less convinced of evolution. And the same percentage of people attend church in Belgium as the US, but Belgium is more similar in it’s views to Norway, where there is only 5% church attendance.
    Be interesting to know what other factors are involved.
    (I don’t believe that 84% of people in Ireland attend church every week. Twenty years ago, maybe…)
    Marianne McA

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