Marketing/soliciting FAIL

Dear American Diabetes Association,

You’ve been sending me materials for the past several years asking for donations.  I haven’t donated.  I’m sorry.  While one member of my extended family does have diabetes, my charitable contributions are already earmarked at this time.  I might be more inclined to rethink that if you could GET MY NAME RIGHT on your solicitation materials.  I’m not sure how I ended up on your mailing list — it cannot have been by a shared mailing list, because I’ve never seen that variation of spelling of my name before (and I’ve seen quite a variety).  Also, addressing me as Mr. GNC does not aid in your request.

Which comes to step 2 of your marketing fail:  you keep sending me address labels for Mr. GNC…but the labels are decorated with flowers, hats, purses, shoes, and china tea cups.  Men may enjoy tea and flowers, but those hats, purses and shoes are definitely ladies’ items.  Please get the genders of the titles/salutations matched up to the decorations on your "free" labels.

All Affection,


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