Monday, Monday

It’s Monday, but I have no SBD.  Haven’t read anything new lately.  Significant quantities of DayQuil were consumed over the weekend; I spent it in a floaty haze, while going through an entire box of Kleenex tissues and a bag of Ricola Lemon Mint cough drops.  Being pretty doped up, my concentration was lax, and after doing chores and running errands in a half-assed sort of way, I bailed on the social portion of the weekend and was a couch potato.  Yay for the Australian Open.  I watched several matches, dozing and longing for warm weather.

Once again, Amazon’s shipping policies have left me bemused.  Kelley Armstrong’s Men of the Otherworld and Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Sharing Knife: Horizons are both due out tomorrow.  I’ve ordered both.  Yet only the Armstrong book has been shipped.  What’s going on?

Also, it is snowing.  And my plan to watch Michael Sheen as a TV host and a rebellious lycan has failed — caught Frost/Nixon, but Underworld 3 isn’t going to happen, at least not today.

ETA:  why must Viagra and Cialis commercials be inflicted on me as I watch tv?  I thought the target demographic for advertisers was 18-35.  Is that really the age of the average user of erectile dysfunction aids?  But I digress:  my issue is with the small print that flashes up on the screen, warning that viagra does not prevent the transmission of STDs.  Well, duh.  The mere appearance of that warning makes me wonder is some moron thought otherwise.  Dude, really?  Do you lack a basic grasp of biology?

ETA #2:  I love this picture.  Courtesy of Huffington Post and the White House photographer.


ETA #3:  I just read a review of the new Grisham book in the Post.  Well, the headline at least, because I couldn’t be arsed to read the review — I stopped reading Grisham a long time ago, when I decided that he was the legal thriller equivalent of Danielle Steel or Barbara Cartland; nothing wrong with that, just not what I wanted to read.  But I find the irony of WaPo reviewing him to be intense — he’s a huge, huge writer who doesn’t actually need reviews from big publications in order to generate sales or buzz.  So of course the paper wastes column inches on him, rather than reviewing another genre writer who doesn’t get the same marketing push from her publisher.  Whatever. 


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4 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Thanks for the wonderful photo. The Obamas really love each other—so refreshing in the political world.
    Sorry you are ill. Snow seems especially cruel when one is sick.
    I agree that those ED ads are too much. When little kids can quote them, it is TOO MUCH.

    • They look beautiful together, don’t they?
      Thanks for the get-well wish. I don’t mind the snow really, as long as I don’t have to go out in it while my nose is running or I’m coughing.

  2. That pic is adorable. They’re waiting in some outdoor holding pen, looks like. She must’ve been cold in her fanciness. He gave her his coat, and now they’re making in-jokes to kill time. Can’t help but love folks in love.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m knocking on wood as we speak, but I haven’t had a cold yet this season. *hides*

    • Thanks for the get well wishes. I’m feeling sort of better.
      I think the caption of the photo indicated that they were in the freight elevator. I liked that all the secret service guys (I thought that’s who they were) were finding other stuff to look at, making like they were part of the scenery. They just look happy together, and real, which I love.

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