$$$ I don’t have

Two emails waiting in my inbox are making my wallet scream in pain — first, the registration for RWA has opened; second, it’s time for the sign up for the local CSA.   I just paid for my upcoming trip to Spain, and am a little leery of shelling out $250 and $500 more on unbudgeted expenses in a single pay period.  The CSA can wait, but the longer I wait, the more it’ll cost.  I’m kind of happy, though, that another format will be available — I can buy a half share without splitting with a partner, and I can do so via the local farmers’ market.  For RWA…I’m not a member, so it’ll cost $500. I’m wondering about whether registration is capped or if there is a graduated cost (didn’t see any mention when I checked out the registration page a couple of weeks ago, but that was before registration opened).  Well, missing out is a risk I’ll have to take, because my wallent is squealing in pain right now, and won’t be recovered for a couple of weeks at the very least. 



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2 responses to “$$$ I don’t have

  1. You have until May 31 to stay at the $500 non-member rate. Then it goes up to $550. I think the registration cap is around 2,000 people. Hope that helps!

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