Back to our regularly scheduled programming

I’m back home — I decamped for warmer and calmer places during the inauguration.  It was 2F in Baltimore when I left on Saturday and 70F in Houston.  The return wasn’t quite so bad (70F -> to 30F).  Security was a little tighter than usual for the return — TSA was checking ids at the security lines and again at the gate.  Or it was for all flights headed toward DC, at least.

The flight to Houston?  Packed.  I sat next to a sweet boy named Shane, who was on his way home after a trip to NYC.  He reminded me how fun Go Fish can be, and taught me to play Speed.  I totally kicked ass at that game, btw.  He also recommended some things to do if I ever visit Vegas, checked out my musical taste, told me that an iPhone would be better for me than a Blackberry Storm, and told me that NYC is his favorite city ever, but that he was glad to be going home.  [Very opinionated, not at all shy, but sweet.]

The Biochemist and The Chemist are doing well, if worried about the layoffs at his company.  He ran the half-marathon, and we went to the movies (Last Chance Harvey was pretty good).  For the first time in ages, we didn’t go to Japaneiro’s.  The Chemist and I were supposed to go while The Biochemist did a fan-girly FOB thing, but he was feeling under the weather, so instead we hung out and watched football, ate carry out.  Generally speaking, we were couch potatoes, although I went for a walk each day around the neighborhood, which keeps growing.  The newer section is markedly different — much younger trees, no detached garages, slightly different architectural style.  I tend to like the older houses best, although I’m not thrilled with the landscaping.  I still haven’t made it to a Sonic, although I intend to every time I visit — people keep telling me I must; the only one near me is on the way to the beach, and I missed it last summer.   Maybe next time.

Now I’m off to check Google Reader and placate The Goofy Cat.

ETA:  I forgot to share my glee over my Xmas presents!  So, when TB&TC were in town over Thanx, I mentioned that I don’t own a pie pan, and just use a round cake tin to make quiches.  And then we made Nana’s Chocolate Cake, which calls for sifting — yeah, I don’t own a sifter, so we ended up with lumpy icing.  Which wasn’t a problem, really, since the cake doesn’t linger in the kitchen.  I think this may have appalled The Chemist, who could have a second career as a pastry chef.  Srsly.  So for Xmas, they got me a sifter!  And a pie plate!  And Mad Libs, which I love.  And, coolest of all, autographed photo/cards of the guys from The Cab.  Well, 3 of 5, because the other two were lost…or maybe picked from TB’s pocket in the crush of the Rock Band Live show.  Still, they are matted and framed, and they totally rock.  TB&TC are excellent gift givers.


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