PSA: Walk on the left!

Tips for people coming to DC for the inaugural festivities abound on the interwebs.  The one tip that I believe cannot be repeated often enough:  When entering or exiting a Metro station via escalator, WALK ON THE LEFT, STAND ON THE RIGHT.  [The screaming caps are intentional, thx.]  You’ll be among many other tourists, but you will also be among DC residents who aren’t on vacation, who need to catch the next train in order to get to work/school/home/wherever on schedule.  Tourists who do not have a tight schedule and who stand on the fucking left despite the polite requests to move (which escalate into frustrated yelling and verbal abuse) from the people bottled up behind them are the biggest pet peeve of most DC regulars.

For more helpful tips, check out this letter or this one, or even the Going Out Gurus (a fave of mine).

Also, right now the DC area is suffering the coldest weather on record in the last decade, with wind chilll of -1F or more.  It’s freezing out, so remember to bring hats, gloves and scarves.



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2 responses to “PSA: Walk on the left!

  1. Anonymous

    I love how you are ‘move to the fucking left!! And bring your warm clothes’ 😉 I couldn’t imagine having the place I live and work suddenly being over run by tourists. Bob and I once talked about how we’d like to retire to this little tourist town but after spending a weekend there and watching all the traffic and people – we realized just getting a loaf of bread would be a huge pita and I don’t handle that kind of stupidity well.
    Good luck!

    • I recognize that I take the majesty of DC for granted, since I see it daily. Or the majesty of parts of DC, anyway. And I want people who visit the city to love it, to be impressed by it, to recognize that the people who work here are their employees. But at the same time, being on vacation can make people…less sensible than usual. In this case, I was happy to look at the city on CNN, rather than be there in person.

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