SBD: old skool Hqn

I found a cache of old Harlequin Romance novels at the UBS in my neighborhood.  This is rather remarkable for two reasons:  1) because genre romance is not a staple of their offerings, and 2) when I say old, I mean, published back in 1967.  Which means these little bits of paper and glue are 42 years old, which in book life span is ancient — mass market paperbacks are very disposable.

So, the books I bought were:

Man of the Islands by Henrietta Reid. 
Greg Hallam’s name was a legend among the islands, and when his schooner put into Yara, Verity fell in love with the man as well as the legend.  But what chance had Verity when Stella was also on Yara.

Where’s Yara?  I don’t know, and I really don’t care.  Which islands?  Ditto.  There’s a schooner, which means sailing, which can be romantic.

The Courageous Heart by Jane Marnay
Barry Kane is the moon and the stars to Carey Howes.  Then he marries Zoe and Carey’s cherished dreams crash about her feet.  By the time Barry’s marriage ends in tragedy, Carey is empty of all feeling and her only tomorrow is dancing.  When an accident takes away this one consolation, the courage to overcome sucha a cruel blow seems unattainable.  Doctor Simon Forrest brings her back to life, but Carey is not ready for the love her offers her.  Later, Carey’s feelings begin to reawaken, but it looks as though once again she has lost the man of her dreams.  Just in time, Barry clears the way for the happiness of the girl he has always loved.

Doctor-hero!  Betrayal!  Professions denied!  Oh, the melodrama.  It reminds me of Betty Neel…on steroids.

And I’ve saved the best for last.

The Pride You Trampled by Juliet Armstrong.
At first meeting, Julian accused Sylvia of being a common little adventuress.  He soon realised his mistake, and tried to make amends.  But it was too late.  The damage was done, and Sylvia’s pride bitterly hurt.  Would he ever be able to make her see him in a more favorable light?

Okay, seriously, that title?  Rocks.  The heart break!  The drama!  The groveling implied in the blurb!

I know y’all are jealous that I have such delicious stuff to read.  Aren’t you?

Unrelated: I think Tennyson is rolling over in his grave at Blago’s use of his "to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield."

Also, is there really an audience for a memoir from the shrub?  Despite the hints of historical reconstruction, I’m thinking it would just be a fictionalized, whitewashed account of his occupation of the WH.

ETA: And here’s the cover art for two of the books — how very 50s and 60s!



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10 responses to “SBD: old skool Hqn

  1. Anonymous

    yes, I’m jealous. and I hope my envy makes your reading pleasure that much sweeter.
    I found an old doctor romance at the library’s booksaleand hoooboy was that hero a total loser macho jerk-wad? Answer: yes.
    Kate R
    Have you read my freebie ebook? did you hate it?

  2. Anonymous

    I want those books – especially that last one – so so so so so so SO MUCH.

  3. Anonymous

    Heck, I would have bought them just for the cool old skool cover art – which I’m sure is as over-the-top as those plot descriptions.
    Wendy the Super Librarian

  4. Anonymous

    You must have added those covers since the last time I visited because I would have remembered them. they’re to die for.
    The book is a freebie pdf file. you click on the link on the blog on the upper right side (there’s a picture) but only if you want to. There won’t be a quiz and no points will be deducted from your overall grade if you choose not to download this optional reading.
    Kate R

  5. Anonymous

    florence stonebraker. I was trying to remember her name! She’s the one who wrote about 100 dire romances in the fifties and sixties. If you search her name, you see some great covers.
    Kate again.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh, wow. I love the dance pose, clearly drawn by someone who has never seen a real live dancer, and the leotard, which, I think we can safely say, comes down the thighs far enough to qualify as shapewear. You’ll have to post about if the text inside the covers matches the cover art.

    • I know nothing about dance; when I first saw the cover, I thought the heroine was a gymnast. Haven’t read that one yet, but am working on my opinion of The Pride You Trampled. Oh, how I love that title.

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