I’m reading Mapping the World of Harry Potter. It was the book I pulled off the TBR pile at random this morning.  (Yesterday’s book was Phaedra Weldon’s Wraith, which had an original premise but didn’t hold my attention.)  I finished the essay on the appeal of Snape, and have a question that is based entirely on what I think is an almost throw-away categorization made by the author:  oral sex as kinky, or at the very least not vanilla. 

 . . . Really?

Far be it from me to belittle anyone’s preferences — we’ve all got our own things, right?  [Doing so would probably invoke some corollary of the Karmic Rule of Kink (tm Dan Savage).]  But is a sex act as common as oral really kinky or non-vanilla?


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13 responses to “Vanilla?

  1. Um, no. Not anymore. I mean, really.

    • Thx. My thought was that it falls in the vanilla, or at least the not unusual side, but then wondered if my own kinks were coloring my reaction.

      • Well, Dan Savage says its basically a requirement nowadays that one be willing to both give and receive. And I’m certainly with him on that. It’s not unusual, and shouldn’t be. Hardly a kink, I don’t think.

      • I’m a regular Savage reader, so I’ve gotten his take on it. I’ve lately had reason to wonder if the meter is broken or my perspective skewed by my relative position on the kink scale. Wasn’t sure if my response was another demonstration of that, or if it was reasonable.
        Mostly, the casual/thoughtless nature of the categorization has me wondering now about what “average” or “vanilla” is to the median American, if there is such a person (outside of the imagination of Sarah Palin, that is).

  2. Oral sex in the Potter-verse? The mind boggles, but doesn’t call it vanilla.

    • Actually, the essay is all about canon-Snape vs. fanfiction-Snape, which is where the sex comes in. I tend to avoid Snape-sex fics entirely; while I find the movie version courtesy of Alan Rickman to be attractive, the paper version of the character isn’t a sex object in my imagination.

      • Oh yeah, definitely. Alan Rickman makes Snape appealing…in the books he’s a snivelling slimeball.
        I saw a funny Potterverse icon the other day. It was one of those flashing ones…
        Harry: You’re a werewolf?
        Lupin: Yes.
        Harry: Are you f’in serious?
        Lupin: Yes, that too.
        Harry: What?
        Lupin: Sorry, TMI!

      • That makes me laugh, too!
        I hadn’t thought about Lupin/Sirius until the fifth movie came out. A couple of scenes in it pushed the “slash” button for me…but I’m still not interested in reading it in fanfic.

      • I haven’t seen the 5th film yet, but now I’ll be on the alert.

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  4. Heheh. My reaction is the same as yours. Not vanilla?! Really?

  5. Anonymous

    Depends on your generation
    My parents, who are in their 80s, have always discussed oral sex with a sense of horror. It was quite clearly Not Something You Do. I remember once when my brother, who was in his late 20s at the time, told our mom that he’d once got so drunk he’d given a girl a rimjob (explaining it in great detail, naturally — we have a weird, weird family). To which I laughed and responded, “Aw, hell, you had to get DRUNK to do that?”
    He hates it when I one-up him.
    In case you were looking for me last week . . . Balls and Walnuts is up again. But we’re not discussing anything nearly as fun as this.

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