RT to Madrid?

I haven’t been to Spain since I bought a house (six years now). Since I went annually before that, at least once I finished school and became gainfully employed, the lack is most noticeable. The first couple of years, I was house-poor. [Still am, really.] Then I ended up going to Hawaii, then had a couple of conferences — for the non-profit, but still had to pay my way plus the conference fee, which was hefty. Last year airfare was just too much; airfare anywhere outside the US was, really.

Yesterday I found round-trip airfare, including all taxes and fees, for $477. And I want Want WANT to go. I have enough leave accrued. My vacation fund would cover that and the hotel or apartment rental, depending on whether I just hang out in Madrid or decide to go to Granada or Barcelona.

What’s stopping me from booking the flight?

Prudence. My job is relatively stable, but there’s talk of merging with another agency, and positions are bound to be eliminated if that’s the case. The head of my office considers my position to be “mission critical”, but even so… It just seems frivolous to spend much on entertainment/travel, when bad things are looming on the horizon.

Am I being too cautious? In the end, would the cost of the trip make that much of a difference if I were suddenly unemployed? I don’t know. Opinions?


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2 responses to “RT to Madrid?

  1. I’ve never been to Spain and want to go. That said.. if you know how much money you have and say after going to Spain, you were laid off, would you be ok for a few months, enough to find a job? If yes, do it. If it would really impact your finances, then no. I think you’re the best person to know, but I’m secretly the type of person who feels like money is to be spent on experiences like travel. It wouldn’t really be wasted.

    • It won’t impact my finances in the sense of impairing my ability to pay my bills or mortgage. I would just dip into my vacation fund — that’s what it’s there for, but I’m still nervous about using it. I’m leaning toward going, after talking to my supervisor about the possible merger. It’s all speculation right now, and any potential lay off would be five or six months after the trip, which would give me time to re-save most of the cost of the trip.

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