Pope Benedict knows best

Apparently, the pope knows more about gender theory than, say, academics or biologists. And homosexuals and transsexuals are as dangerous as global warming.

H/t to The Biochemist.



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3 responses to “Pope Benedict knows best

  1. I’m waiting to read the actual speech. In a way, wouldn’t surprise me if he is anti-gay: I think I’d be more surprised if someone in his position defended gay rights.
    At the same time, sometimes the media are very bad at reporting these things – you get headlines like ‘Archbishop of Canterbury wants Britain to adopt Sharia law!’ – which is patently ridiculous, but was earnestly debated without, seemingly, much need to reference what the man actually said.
    Marianne McA

    • I’ve bookmarked the speech, or extracts at least. I expect a certain amount of hyperbole from the press, and that the content will not be quite so inflammatory. I understand that the pope is more concerned with humanity rather than environment, but the idea that someone may need to be “saved” from their sexuality makes me uncomfortable. And the idea that gender theory and/or non-heterosexuality is destructive to humanity bothers me, too.

      • Yes, I followed the link – it was pretty much the same quotes they had used on Radio 4 this morning.
        Now, this may just be me being stupid, because the first time I heard the phrase ‘gender theory’ was in the piece this morning. But what I thought, as I was listening to it, was that if they had headlined the piece ‘Pope says all women should be stay at home mothers’ and used the same quote to justify the headline, it would have made as much sense to me.
        That is, if I’d heard or read the quotes without editorial commentary, I would not have known to put that interpretation upon them – and while I know that may be ignorance on my part, it does make me want to read the whole speech before I decide what I think.

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