Another episode of domesticity

Yesterday, before the day became totally overcast and rainy/sleety, Mom and T delivered the hutch to me. For years it was a fixture in Mom’s kitchen, but since she has had her kitchen redone, it doesn’t suit and there really isn’t space for it. My uncle striped and revarnished it, and it is gorgeous. Makes everything else in my kitchen look rickety and low quality.

Know what happens when I am bored and watch Food TV on Saturday? You guessed it: on Sunday, when grocery shopping, I end up buying ingredients so I can attempt something observed yesterday. This morning I made mac and cheese from scratch and pecan clusters. The mac & cheese turned out pretty well, although there is A LOT of it — I’ll be tired of it in a couple days. The pecan clusters didn’t turn out quite so well. They were supposed to firm up really quickly, but nougat/chocolate has stayed fairly runny. Not sure what the problem is — I used Hershey’s milk chocolate morsels instead of Kisses, but the ingredient list was the same, so I’m not sure if that was the difference or not. In any case, I’ve got a pan of chocolate goop cooling in the fridge. Not sure what to do with it. And after that, I made mini ham and cheese quiches, inspired by Lyvvie but not quite her recipe.

The sleet that coated everything last night and this morning has melted, so it’s time for a walk. Maybe down to the fort. Or up around the harbor.

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