go on, believe, if it turns you on

Rumor has it that The Cab and Cobra Starship will be releasing new albums next year. Also, The Cab will be in Richmond in January, and probably other venues near me. My ears are happy. (via The Biochemist)

What does it say about me that this cartoon cracks me up?

I haven’t been able to settle into reading What A Scoundrel Wants. Not because it’s bad (it’s quite good, really) but because I have no attention span. Having the same problem with The Daily Coyote. And American Lion.

HRC is having a screening for the debut of season six of The L Word at The Hippo. I’d kinda like to go, despite being a season behind on that show. Except I’m booked for that evening and can’t reschedule.

Also, in case anyone was planning on using public transporation for the Inauguration — just a reminder: buy your MARC train ticket early, as service will be limited, all trains reserved, and the $25 “special” ticket is MANDATORY for boarding. Check here for more info. DC is working on logistics, but I expect MARC, Metro, and Metrorail to be inundated.


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  1. Anonymous

    I think it’s funny too so obviously it says you are savvy. Lyvvie

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