SBD: my fault

So, last night I broke out an ebook that I bought a couple weeks back.  And when I finished reading it, I was not a happy camper.  Because I was expecting a romance and an HEA or HFN, but didn’t get anything of the sort. 

But then I went back to the vendor’s website, to double check the blurb and the description.  And learned that the book wasn’t a romance — although the blurb reads kind of romancy, it is categorized as "Science Fiction".  So my rant deflated.

Now I think I need to go read the ebook a second time.  Because my expectations certainly skewed my perception of the story as it was being told.

And that’s all I have for SBD.  Well, except this question:  who is the "sinner" referred to in the title of Elizabeth Hoyt’s current release, To Seduce A Sinner.  Because I didn’t notice any sinners getting seduced.



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2 responses to “SBD: my fault

  1. I’m sorry you were unhappy, we try to be really careful about how we categorize them because, in the end, we’re all romance readers and know how betrayed we’d feel by a “romance” that’s not a romance.
    I’d be happy to send you a replacement ebook if you want to email me with a title and format preference.

    • Thanks for the offer — I appreciate it, but it really isn’t necessary. The mistake was mine, no one else’s. And now that I’m reading it with the proper mind-set/expectations, the plotting and pacing work much better.

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