read, watched, ate

I  haven’t read anything in 5 days.  My attention span is at zero. 

Instead, I’ve watched too much football and two movies:  Quantum of Solace and Rachel Getting Married.  The new Bond?  Well, it wasn’t as good as Casino Royale and needed more plot and less fighting/chasing/etc.  But it was still pretty entertaining.  Rachel Getting Married — was there apoint to the movie?  Anne Hathaway looked all angsty and teary and angry and hurt, very photogenic, but otherwise Nothing Happened.  My tolerance for that in film is kind of low.

Have hooked The Biochemist on Lori G. Armstrong’s Julie Collins books.  Yay me.

The birthday booty is very cool — from Despair.  And the Ferrous Wheel tee and other sundries went over well with TB.  Plus, we had Nana’s Chocolate Cake for breakfast and a lovely dinner at Petit Louis.

Have I mentioned how much I love The Quilt?  Especially Cookie Jar.

The funniest holiday commercial I’ve seen so far is for a game seller.

Transporter 3 is being released tomorrow.  Was a third installment really necessary?  Although, Jason Statham is nice to look at and shiny cars are always watchable (except when they race in circles).


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2 responses to “read, watched, ate

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been dipping into the DVD collection and watching things I’ve never watched before. There’s plenty I’ve not seen. Most of them are Husband’s. Last night I watched Secretary and thought it was really neat. I’ve been thinking over the characters all day, which is a good sign. It was good to see James Spader looking so fit. Obviously the movie was made before he started the Shatner Diet.
    I have five new books to start reading! Thank you!! XOXO ~Lyvvie

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