Onions everywhere

I have nearly an entire crisper drawer full of onions in my fridge. Plus a bag full of chopped onions in the freezer. Anybody have any good recipes based on onions? Other than French Onion Soup, that is.

Today’s CSA pick up included: 

  • onions
  • fennel (need recipes for this, too)
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • squash
  • kohlrabi
  • green peppers
  • lettuce


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9 responses to “Onions everywhere

  1. Anonymous

    Onion tart!
    Caramelized onions in a tart, preferably with cherry tomatoes (cut in half and arrange in concentric circles on top) and a good amount of gruyere heese in there. Just make a basic crust, then add a buncha caramelized onions, a handful of cheese and some balsamic vinegar all stirred together, then the tomatoes on top. Yum.
    I also use a lot of onions in stirfry, with tofu and either a sweet-spicy (szechuan-like) sauce or a curry sauce.
    Sorry, I never have recipes.

  2. Did you have a good recipe for kale? I can’t remember who did. I got another batch of that, plus cauliflower, potatoes, two HUGE onions, a kohlrabi the size of Ilsa’s head, green peppers, cucumbers, masses of carrots, and a watermelon. Nice.

    • Kale recipe
      Mmm, watermelon. I bought a Korean melon yesterday at the Asian market, and now have to figure out what to do with it.
      I found this recipe at my CSA’s website, and tried it out. It was pretty good, and probably would work for any greens.
      1 1/2 C Orzo
      1 T. butter,
      1 T olive oil
      1/4 c chopped basil
      1/2 c grated Muenster cheese
      2 med. zucchini cut into 1/4 in slices
      2 1/2 c mushrooms
      1 bunch kale
      2 cloves garlic
      1 T capers
      Cook orzo. Drain, add butter basil cheese and lots of fresh pepper. In a skillet, sauté zucchini and mushrooms until tender. Add garlic and chopped kale. Stir in capers. Toss over orzo, salt. Add Parmesan.
      (I omitted the capers.)

      • Re: Kale recipe
        And then do you serve it up or bake it a bit? From these instructions, the kale would be raw.
        This sounds like a recipe for my “I’ll like it but the rest of the family would rather eat dirt” category. So that means I’ll try it 🙂

      • Re: Kale recipe
        I sauteed the kale for a bit with the zucchini and mushrooms to make sure it was done, then when I added it to the orzo, I left it on very low heat for a bit so everything could cook together.
        Also, I blanched the kale first — that isn’t part of the recipe’s directions, just something I read about doing — it makes the kale less bitter that way.
        You could probably bake it a bit, but you might need to add a bit of liquid to prevent it from getting dried out.

  3. Do you like lentils? There’s a lentil porridge of sorts that involves loads of fried onions. Lebanese in origin, and I haven’t made it myself, but I can dig up the recipe if you one.
    You can make onion confit if you have a crockpot.

    • I’m okay with lentils, depending on what they are cooked with. I own a crockpot but don’t use it much…I’m paranoid about leaving it turned on all day when I’m not home, which pretty much defeats the purpose of the thing.

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