the penny drops

I forgot that padre has more than one meaning until the Word of the Day reminded me.

padre, adjective: tremendous; terrible

Apart from referring to fathers, you may hear padre used in informal language to emphasize a noun.

Okay, this makes a snippet I heard on the bus the other day make a little more sense to me. The woman sitting in front of me was telling her companion about una pelea padre. At first I thought she was talking about a fight with her parents, but that didn’t make sense.

Yes, I know, eavesdropping is bad. But conversations on public transportation are hard to keep private.



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2 responses to “the penny drops

  1. I love word of the day, but they should probably be a bit more specific about geographical usage. I think this one’s mostly Mexican and Central American. At least, you’d never use it in most of South America. They’ve had quite a few words like this.Also, there’s yet another usage in Mexico. When you say something is “padre” or “padrísimo”, it’s that it’s really cool.

  2. jmc

    Geographical usage would be helpful 🙂 I don’t think padre is a word I would use for cool — the first meaning is too stuck in my head, and it feels wrong to use in other contexts.

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