Thursday 13: the Netflix queue

Thirteen Things about JMC
13 Movies in the Netflix queue

1. Death at a Funeral Yay for black comedies. And Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes.
2. Goya’s Ghost I like Goya’s work. And it has my hispanohablante crush, Javier Bardem.
3. The Assassination of Jesse James I’ve heard wonderful things about Casey Affleck’s performance in this movie.
4. The Devil’s Backbone I should just buy a copy of this movie, which I love. It’s creepy and fabulous and fascinating.
5. The Crown Prince Don’t recognize any of the cast or crew, so I must’ve added this based on a recommendation.
6. The Forsyte Saga
7. Volver Pedro Almodovar, Carmen Maura y Penelope Cruz
8. Rome: Season 1
9. Why Did I Get Married?
10. Michael Clayton
11. Water’s Edge
12. Transformers “to punish and enslave” Heh. I like it despite Shia Lebouef.
13. Justice League: The New Frontier

There’s more, but those are at the top of the queue.

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4 responses to “Thursday 13: the Netflix queue

  1. Mmmm… Forsthye Saga. I am Damian Lewis’s secret lover, so his turn as a nasty-ass pig in FS was quite a shock. Not so shocking as his role in Keane, but certainly not pleasant. He’s so damn good at his job. Rupert Graves is wonderful and the surprising heart of the production, while I wanted to punch Ioan Gruffudd by the end of it.

    • I’ve been trying to read the book for ages, and decided to break down and watch the mini-series. Getting to see Damian Lewis in a period piece is just a bonus 😉
      Wait, Ioan Gruffudd is in this too? Maybe I should move this up in the queue.

  2. Rome! I would love your take on that one. I loved it.
    I keep wondering about Death at a Funeral so I might pick it up yet. I normally don’t ‘get’ dark comedies.
    Hmmm, Assassination of Jesse James has Casey Affleck in it? Good enough for me.

    • Death at a Funeral was okay but not fabulous, I thought. I like British comedies, but it this movie just didn’t quite work for me. Part of the problem for me was that there was too much going on, and the big family moment at the end seemed too hokey.

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