New verb for me

I’ve been trying to figure out the verb used in the little patter that Gabe Saporta does at the beginning of “Smile for the Paparazzi”. The rest of it was simple enough, but I’d never before encountered the noun boludo or the verb boludear. gave me a colloquial definition for the noun, then the Word Reference message boards gave me the definition of the verb…both of which appear to be Argentine or Uruguayan in origin/usage. Makes sense, I guess, since Saporta is from Uruguay originally (according to the Biochemist).



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3 responses to “New verb for me

  1. LOL! Oh, yeah, a very rioplatense word. In fact, when other Latin Americans want to tease us about the way we speak, they’ll say “qué hacés, boludo!”

  2. jmc

    I like that, rioplatense :)The urban dictionary definition seemed less teasing and more derogatory. No? Or is it all about tone and delivery?

  3. Let me see the definition… ah, yeah, that sounds pretty accurate (including the “lazy” definition for Uruguay). You’re right, it’s all about tone. But even when you’re using it more as an insult, it’s pretty mild, nothing to get really offended about.

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