Six random facts meme

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The rules are:
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3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
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Six random facts about me?

1. I can put mascara (the only makeup I wear, and that sporadically) on without a mirror, which used to freak my roommates out – they were sure I would put an eye out with the brush. 

2. My favorite alcoholic drink is Licor 43 over ice with a twist of lemon and a twist of lime. But I have to stir it a bit and get some of the ice melted before I can sip.  And the best part of the drink is the last mouthful, after the lemon and lime juices have been leeched out of the wedges.

3. I am eight minutes younger than my (smarter, cooler) twin sister. 

4. I love ladybugs, but do wish that people would stop giving me ladybug-decorated objects for my home. 

5. I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose; I can arch both eyebrows or just one at a time; but I cannot wiggle my ears. 

6. I’m totally fascinated by Kyle Chandler’s hair, which is a character all by itself and part of the reason I’ve become a fan of Friday Night Lights, my current tv favorite. 

I’m not tagging anyone, because this meme has been pretty much everywhere and there’s no one left. 


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11 responses to “Six random facts meme

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent! I don’t wear make up either, only mascara as you, but no way I could do that without a mirror!

  2. Anonymous

    Crickey, forgot to sign: Ana LOL

  3. Anonymous

    I’m 45 minutes older than my twin, which is an unusually long time. Mom likes to say that once Julie kicked me out, she decided to stretch out and stay awhile. But, ew. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Licor 43 over ice, eh? I don’t think I’ve ever been. Sounds tasty, I’ll have to give it a try!
    Cheers 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Snap on number 5 – I can do those things too, but can’t wiggle my ears!

  6. I don’t wear makeup either but I’m getting to an age that it’s probably beyond time I did. Now I want to try and put mascara on without a mirror. Being a nerd I’ll probably will try it 😉
    And the ladybug thing is too funny. I get monkeys. All kinds of monkeys. But one of my best buds goes out of her way to get me some of the scariest, tackiest monkeys I’ve ever seen. So I decided that I had to do it back. Her thing is ladybugs. I’ve worked on finding a scary ass ladybug for 4 years!! I thought I nailed it when I found a hug stuffed one that had botox pink sparkly lips and antenna. She laughed when she opened it and then later said ‘you know, I kinda think she’s pretty.’
    I threw in the towel. I surrender.
    I’m afraid of this year’s birthday gift.

    • A tacky gift competition? I like that!
      My sister decided a while back that I don’t collect anything quirky enough…so she and her husband decided that I must collect tacky sippy cups. Now I get a souvenir of all of their travels in the form of plastic cups (or drinking mugs) with twisty straws.

  7. My grandfather could wiggle his, and it fascinated me as a child 🙂

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