What does it say about me that I love the idea of these Bittersweets?

AngieW’s post about car shopping reminds me of my last shopping experience. After I’d done my research (maintenance, warranties, customer satisfaction, pricing) and decided what I was buying, the first question out of the salesman’s mouth was, What’s your favorite color, honey? Uh, not a relevant consideration, thanks. No commission for you.

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen e-books waiting to be purchased or read:

1. The Eternal Rose by Gail Dayton. End of her fantasy trilogy. But I’m not buying it until I’ve read the second book.
2. I Want Candy by Kim Welter Wong. I liked her chick lit and want to try this, which seems to be YA.
3. Margarita by Joan Wolf. A Venezuelan heroine in a British regency-set novel sounds intriguing.
4. Woman of Valor: Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America by Ellen Chesler
5. The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo. I saw him on TDS or TCR last year and this book has been sitting in my cart ever since.
6. The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean by John Julius Norwich.
7. Original Zinn: Conversation on History and Politics by Howard Zinn and David Barsamian
8. Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow. I’m pretty sure that I have a hard copy of this somewhere in my house, but I broke down and bought an e-copy. As soon as I finish reading the e-version, the paper copy will appear.
9. Schrodinger’s Ball by Adam Felber.
10. Threads of Malice by Tamara Siler Jones
11. Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs. Because I love her Mercy Thompson series.
12. The Splendor of Silence by Indu Sundaresan
13. Middlemarch by George Eliot 

There’s some linking and verbiage that is supposed to be attached but I’m too lazy.  (c) to the Thursday Thirteen people.



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9 responses to “I

  1. Can I help here?
    Definitely Dragon Bones. We have a review of the Wong book and you might want to wait and read that. I vote no for Margarita. One of my least favorite Wolf regencies. I read the Lucifer Effect and it is fascinating for just the recounting of what went on during the prison experiment.

    • I’ll start Dragon Bones on the ride home. I’m feeling reading ennui — not just romance, but across the board. Nothing I pick up holds my attention for more than 10 minutes. Don’t know what the problem is.

      • No, I know what you mean. I have to force myself at times to read. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think that Dragon Bones and its sequel are wonderful books. Briggs is a wonderful storyteller and Hurog is such a great hero.

      • I ❤ Hurog, and must immediately purchase a copy of Dragon Blood. 🙂
        Are the Raven books as good?

      • Not really. Hurog books and the Thompson books are my favorite. I don’t think I finished the second raven book. You are in for a treat with the second Hurog book. There’s a great romance in it.

  2. Anonymous

    You’re reading Middlemarch as an e-book? Er, you do know how long it is, right?
    Yours in awe and consternation,

    • It is very long, I know. And I haven’t managed to get past the first chapter.

      • Anonymous

        There are several couples’ stories in it–I have definite favorites. I think once you find a character that intrigues you, it will speed up. (BTW, it was a Masterpiece Theater miniseries in the mid-’90s. I’m not sure if watching it would help or hinder.)
        I was amazed at your reading that length as an e-book, not at your reading it at all 🙂 I’m trying e-books for the first time, and I have a feeling I’m going to miss paper.

      • I find that although I like the convenience of having multiple ebooks at hand, I still go back to paper. I use the ereader mostly on the commute; that way I don’t have to worry about finishing one book on the way to work and being bookless on the ride home.

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