Is there a theme?

The Spanish Word of the Day emails seem to get caught in my spam filter, so I’ll go without then get a week’s worth all at once. Must’ve been a theme, because I got the following in quick succession this morning:

  • quechua — the most widely spoken indigenous language of South America; in school I was forever confusing quechua with Mayan quiché (k’iche’). Hmm, I did not know that one of the words it bestowed upon Spanish and English was la cocaína.
  • euskera — Basque language
  • catalán — didn’t realize this was spoken in Sardinia, must learn more.

I didn’t see emails for galego, aranés, or asturianu, though.

Arabic IV starts next week. I’m feeling quite unprepared since I was a total slacker all fall. Must dust off the books.


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